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Training should be an ongoing exercise

Training and staff education are thought of as one-time-only events, with executives expecting staff members to retain the taught knowledge and automatically put it into use. However, effective training is an ongoing topic that call centres should ensure all their agents are able to access.

To ensure that SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) training methods are working, it is vital to understand the student. For companies, this means knowing agents and understanding their needs. This allows training to be provided in the proper language and enables trainers and students to relate to one another, facilitating the learning process as a result.

It is also vital for call centres to know what their students expect from training. It is wise to gather feedback on expectations so trainees will not be let down and can be provided with the right tools and the support they need. The same must be said for trainers, who must be confident in their efforts.

Finally, enthusiasm for training is essential from students and teachers alike. If telephone answering services agents are to properly engage with educational activities, they must be enthusiastic about the topic itself and those who are leading the workshops.

Effective training can have a dramatic and positive effect on call centres. In the best cases, agents are not only taught new, usable skills, but they can find renewed motivation for their jobs, too. This can have many positive effects for the business as a whole, including customer care and engagement.

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