GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Training for call centre staff

Companies that choose to use the services of a call centre will need to be aware of the importance of training for the call centre team.  These are the people that are expected to deal with a range of enquiries and the more training and knowledge the staff have, the more they are able to deal with enquiries and queries on behalf of the client.

A telephone answering service can simply be used as a message service so that there is a real person answering the phone rather than an answering machine.  However, if the members of staff have received the training required on the products and services that are being offered then they are able to do much more than take messages.  They will be able to discuss products and prices and will also be prepared to deal with customers that are having problems.  The more efficiently the call can be dealt with, the better the impression that will be made on the customer.

This is why any changes made to products or services will need to be communicated as soon as possible to staff.  It is recommended that regular meetings are held with the account manager, virtual PA or call centre team that represents the business in question.  This is not just beneficial for training purposes but will also help to build a relationship between the client and team, and can be very beneficial for motivation.


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