"GoResponse offer the ideal services for my growing business. They answer the calls allowing me to focus on new leads and in-country operations."
- Ian Ford, China Journeys

Total Transparency

A straight question deserves a straight answer. Unfortunately, the outsourced call centre industry is often reticent to give clear answers, operating in a culture of “smoke and mirrors”.

GoResponse has always lead the way with a transparent approach. We were the first centre of our kind to publish clear pricing on our website for non-bespoke contact centre requirements; and since then many others have followed suit.

When you choose to outsource your business, we recognise that (amongst other things) you’re entrusting your own reputation amongst your colleagues with us. We believe that openness fosters trust, so by choosing GoResponse you will benefit from unprecedented transparency of service and access to information.

Firstly you can have online, unfiltered, live access to your call information as it happens, 24 hours a day. This will allow you to see overviews, KPI’s and detailed information for each of your calls; and you can download this data for your own analysis. Therefore, you can come to your own conclusions about the results achieved.

Since there’s nowhere to hide, our staff team are free to discuss openly the results and the factors that influence performance. By working in partnership, you really can experience continuous service improvement.


Case Study: E-commerce Client With Low Sales Conversion

A client with a significant number of sales calls was experiencing lower than industry average sales closures. This was identified by their account manager during a routine review of their account.

Through analysis of the data, and by providing the client with access to LiveStream so that they could corroborate the analysis; it was apparent that two factors greatly influenced the sales closure rate: the reliability of their website payment gateway and their warehouse stock management. It was estimated that the sales closure rate could be increased by 20%-25% if these issues were addressed.

GoResponse was able to introduce the client to a large payment gateway provider; who were able to integrate their gateway into the site quickly and easily.

The client was also introduced to a company who specialised in software development for end-to-end ecommerce solutions; and five months later their new system was commissioned.

The end result was that sales conversions were up by 28%, resulting in increased sales revenues equivalent to 7 times the cost of the call centre service.

If you would like to discuss how an open handed approach could have tangible results for your business, then please call 0800 043 0443 or contact us by email or feel free to chat online.


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