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Top trends for 2014 customer services success

Never before has customer services been so important, so it is unsurprising that many experts are already focussing on 2014.  For call centres, providing engaging and positive consumer care is vital, and now, specialist customer service technology system integrator, Sabio, has revealed some trends for the coming year.

If telephone answering services want to get ahead of their competitors, then Sabio suggests they will need to use more omnichannel engagement.  Companies that enable consumers to easily engage, connect and shop are likely to see great gains in the coming months.  As part of this trend, it will, therefore, become vitally important to ensure agents have social media skills and support so they can correctly engage with existing and potentially new clientele.

Another area that Sabio has indicated will be important in 2014 is call centre security.  Many businesses are increasingly becoming caught between meeting compliance needs and providing good customer service.  As such, the introduction of speech analytics and voice biometrics can help rise to compliance challenges whilst giving top customer care.  Acting on consumer feedback will also become increasingly important.  Whilst a lot of data is currently being captured, a lot of it simply sits around and is left unused.  To get the best opportunities, call centres will need to address what consumers are saying, both good and bad, and then act accordingly.

Adam Faulkner, the founding director of Sabio, said: “With digital now the default starting point for many consumers, it’s essential for organisations to have a single, integrated view of customer engagement across multiple channels.  2014 needs to be the year that organisations actively close this gap, and they can start by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by our top ten technology trends.”

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