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Top tips to offer better satisfaction for agents

It is often said that a call centre is only as good as the agents it uses.  Agents are a company’s frontline, and it is these people who deal with customers every day.  Therefore, agents can make or break a firm’s image for those calling in.  With this in mind, it is vital for telephone answering services to ensure their workers are satisfied in their jobs.

One of the best ways for motivating call centre agents is for managers to actually get on the phone themselves.  There is nothing like achieving respect than by actually getting on the phone and getting good results.  This method shows that training and coaching tips have been gathered by expert managers, rather than just relayed from other sources.

Another important consideration in the call centre is to have realistic expectations of workloads.  Piling on too much work often results in workers becoming bogged down and unable to perform to their best.  This will also lower people’s satisfaction and can result in poorer customer service being given.  Also, in relation to consumer care, targeting high quality consumer service is better than focussing on call length.  This allows agents to take pride in their service, rather than trying to complete calls as quickly as possible.

Finally, it is important for call centre managers to develop relationships with their agents instead of just marching around giving orders.  By finding out who people are, managers can ensure that the best care is given in the correct manner, helping workers both professionally and personally.

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