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Top tips to maximise ACD

3D Tips Block Text  on whiteFor many call centres, an automated call distributor (ACD) is key, ensuring that callers are routed across agents evenly. However, there are times when things need reassessing and changing, and that is why it is vital for telephone answering services to take a good look at their current system and how it could be improved.

One of the first things to do is to look at skills-based routing and ensure that scenarios are clearly defined regarding when agent skill levels might change. At that time, it’s also a good idea to work out where secondary agent pools can be found. These can be relied on as backups when call volume increases. It doesn’t necessarily mean hiring more agents, but it could entail utilising junior staff or lower skilled individuals when the call queuing time rises above a certain level.

When it comes to management, it’s essential that agents are told to only sign into their group rather than trying to span multiple assignments. An ACD should be responsible for assigning calls, not the agents. Allowing technology to manage distribution will help maximise efficiency.

Finally, ensuring there is full visibility across a workforce, including managers, supervisors and agents, can be a good idea to oust agents who are trying to hide behind busy codes. Providing a full view of workforce activity also encourages staff members to have initiative, such as delaying a break for five minutes if an extremely busy period is being noted.

Getting ACD right doesn’t happen overnight, but by regularly reassessing systems, the best efficiencies can be found.

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