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Top tips to make the most of knowledge management solutions

Call Centre MonitoringThere always seems to be a new piece of must-have technology that companies need to have in order to see future success. At the moment, knowledge management solutions are noting gaining interest, with call centres researching just how such a tool could help them. For businesses that want to get the right solution, there are several key features to look out for.

An important feature that telephone answering services should find in knowledge management tools is “Intelligence Search”. This type of tool provides a way for companies to search based on concepts and semantics. This means that the search engine is able to pull relevant data even if slightly different keywords are required.

Another option to look for is the availability of dynamic linking. Most managers who work with knowledge systems are familiar with tag clouds and manual linking. However, such features are rough at best and can be cumbersome and inaccurate. Dynamic linking, however, automatically links content by various concepts by learning associations between data over time.

Finally, having some form of social collaboration within a knowledge management tool can be extremely useful. Call centres can use these options to crowdsource knowledge from their customers, gaining unique insights and ideas.

Modern firms have to stay on the leading edge of technology, or they face falling behind their competitors. When looking to purchase knowledge management tools, collaboration, intelligent searches and automatic linking should be priorities.


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