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Top tips for reducing average handling time

For any company wanting to outsource their call centre work it is extremely important to ensure that a provider can deliver high quality customer service and short handling times.  For telephone answering services wanting to reduce their average handling time (AHT), there are a number of methods that can be used.

Recruiting the right personnel can be important, and whilst many interviews are conducted face to face, talking to potential agents over the phone not only saves times but can highlight individuals who have a particularly good phone manner.  Top customer care relies on being able to make callers feel happy, and if individuals can do this during their interview, then they are likely to be a great hire for a call centre.

Another tip to reduce AHT in call centres is to reduce or completely remove after-call work.  After-call work often involves putting data into a system after a caller has already left a conversation.  With the correct training and skills, agents can conduct all the data input that they need to whilst they are on their phone, allowing them to take another call as soon as they have finished with a customer.

Finally, it is important that agents avoid over service; that is, explaining more than they have to.  By staying on track with the customer’s initial enquiry, problems can still be quickly solved without call centre staff having to explain matters outside of the main question put forward by the caller.

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