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Top tips for positive consumer care on social networks

Social media signsOver the past few years, social networks have grown immensely, and what was once seen as a flash in the pan has become a way of everyday life for millions of people around the world. For call centres that want to keep up with their customers, it’s a good idea to appear on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or a combination of the platforms. Providing positive consumer care requires telephone answering services to make a few changes.

When it comes to Twitter, it is vital not to rely solely on response times as an indication of quality because auto-acknowledgement can mar results. Queries may not always be resolved, meaning that deeper insights into the platform are required. Another tip when using Twitter is to offer a call-back service. With a 140-character limit, conversations can be slow and frustrating. Offering to call people helps sort out problems quickly. In addition, the best call centres use their feeds to curate content such as news updates and brand awareness.

For businesses considering utilising social media networks, it is essential that in-house customer service teams are aligned with marketing so that customers receive a seamless service. Responses should be made as quickly as channels allow; customers crave answers within minutes, not days. Finally, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter need to monitored around the clock, and companies should make it clear when they are online for customers to engage with.

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