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Top tips for maintaining customer satisfaction

3D Tips Block Text  on whiteThe era of the consumer is certainly here, and businesses must do all they can to keep their customers happy or risk losing them to the competition. A recent study by the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) said that telephone answering services increasingly have to deal with complex problems over the phone. These are often complaints, and teams aren’t always ready to handle them. As the industry continues to change, call centres must be prepared to maintain customer satisfaction.

One of the first things to consider is that pushing customers through multiple agents is no longer acceptable. People want to talk to a single agent and get their problem or enquiry answered immediately. Therefore, it is essential that agents are trained to handle a variety of calls so that customers are only diverted to someone new as a last resort.

Another way to maintain satisfaction is to ensure that self-service options actually work. Customers can become extremely annoyed if they’re trying to help themselves only to discover that the self-service facilities being offered are useless. It’s essential that call centres ensure the proper working order of these tools to reduce traffic from irritated consumers and build a positive customer relationship.

Finally, it is important to continuously monitor performance. Call centres aren’t likely to get everything right at once, so reviewing channels on an ongoing basis is important. This allows the right changes to be made in order to keep customers as happy as possible.

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