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Top tips for increasing call centre performance

A call centre is only as good as its agents, and for those outsourcing to telephone answering services, it is vital that companies are efficient and high performing.  Performance management can be tricky, and getting the balance between bettering agents and making them feel they are not good enough can be difficult to juggle.  However, there are some great tips that can boost agent morale and performance.

The first thing to realise is that many people are very self-critical, so instead of managers going in and scoring individuals, agents can be asked to score themselves.  This can then be talked through, and agents can be offered encouragement and new ways of bettering their performance.

In a call centre, there can often be times when it feels like too much is going on to take time-out.  However, taking a moment to hold monthly group call-listening sessions can be a great idea.  Instead of picking an agent and then critiquing them as a group, it is better to choose one of the best employees and then have other agents listen so that they can pick up better techniques.

Another tip is to be open with a team of agents about the statistics and metrics being measured.  This means that there will not be any nasty surprises to upset employees.  In addition, telephone answering services can implement initiatives to highlight people’s good techniques or skills, not only boosting morale but subtly showing other agents new ideas.

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