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Top tips for improving customer service on social media

Social mediaSocial media has become an essential form of communication in the modern world. Many call centres have embraced the medium, reaching out to engage with customers on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, it is vital to ensure that social media business is performed correctly. The following tips should help telephone answering services continue to provide consistently optimised care.

One of the largest social media networks is Twitter, and there are several things companies need to consider if they want to get the most from this platform. For example, Twitter should be utilised as more than a complaint handling tool. Providing new updates, sharing FAQs, and proactively answering people’s questions is a much better approach than waiting for complaints to come in.

It is also important to recognise that social media operates 24/7. This means that monitoring channels also needs to continue around the clock. Call centres should set clear opening times for their Twitter feed if they’re not open throughout the day and night. In addition, businesses need to respond much more quickly than they would with traditional call-backs or email responses. Whilst 24 hours might be deemed appropriate for the latter, Twitter replies should be sent within minutes, not hours.

Finally, it is essential that call centres invest in the right training for their Twitter agents. Workers should already be familiar with Twitter, and ongoing education on appropriate responses should be provided. By getting this right, companies can ensure they excel on social media and inspire customers.

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