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Top tips for improving customer care

Ensuring good customer care has never been more important for call centres.  With so much competition and falling customer loyalty, any bad service results in clients simply taking their custom elsewhere.  Therefore, creating a distinctive customer service is crucial for telephone answering services who want to survive and keep their consumer base.

One of the most important aspects of consumer care is actually to tell people when customer services are closed.  People can get frustrated very quickly if they cannot get through.  Providing clear opening hours lets people know when they can expect to talk to call centres.  It is also a good idea to link consumer care and PR departments so that strategic planning can be carried out.  This allows for customer services to be linked closely to a brand’s core values and image, bringing cohesion to all experiences that customers receive.

There are always going to be customers who are not happy, but rather than ignoring these people and letting problems fester, it is important to take action and follow up any negative comments that are received.  It is relatively easy to trawl social media for bad comments, and these can often be quickly addressed, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Finally, in this modern age, it is important to have a team that is dedicated to social media.  Call centres need not have a single staff member for each platform, but having a team manage networking allows continuity and good performance across the omni-channel options.

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