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Top tips for excelling in social media

Most call centre executives will have heard about the importance of taking a multi-channel approach to communication.  However, utilising social websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, remain a worry for many people working in telephone answering services.  It can be hard to draw up guidelines and offer consistency without feeling too impersonal.  To address this, there are some great tips to follow.

For call centres only operating between particular times, it is important to tweet the times of operation.  Saying “hello” in the morning and then signing off with a tweet is a good way of letting customers know when they can expect replies, and avoids the frustration of having to wait for many people.  Tweeting also needs to be personal.  It is a huge mistake to use a cut and paste method.  Instead, messages should be personalised to the individual to ensure a good experience.

For all online help, it is important for telephone answering services to start the conversation online and then move to offline channels.  Customers’ queries can be address through social media and then call centres should make the effort to call consumers to continue solving an issue.  It is also vital to keep marketing and service completely separate so that Facebook and Twitter channels do not become confused.  By having separate accounts and pages for each, people know where to look depending on their needs.

Used properly, social media can be a great multi-channel to work with.  By following the tips above, companies can start out on the best footing.

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