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Top tips for call centres using web chat and email

A multi-channel approach is increasingly being used by call centres to ensure that consumers have a range of options to utilise.  This can be significant for customer services, enabling people to get help with products or services in a way that they feel comfortable.  For telephone answering services using web chat and email, there are some top tips to ensure that the platforms are used correctly.

Whilst email might not need to offer as much of an instant response as call traffic, web chat work certainly does.  This means that agents need to have quick and easy access to information.  Creating an info hub for all agents to utilise, regardless of whether they are manning phones or email, offers a central place to gather data.  In addition, this information should be a living knowledge base, meaning that advisors have input into changing processes and offering better ways to handle email and web chat conversations.

A huge problem when managing multi-channel platforms is response time.  It is vital that customers are given accurate details of when they can expect to hear back.  If companies are offering web chat, then response time should be pretty instantaneous.  Meanwhile, email response should be within 24 hours in order to ensure happy customers.

Finally, when recruiting for web chat and email positions, it is important to think about writing skills.  Agents need to be able to type fast and accurately, ensuring that they can respond quickly and provide the right data to consumers.

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