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Top tips for call centres to increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial to get right, and call centres face the difficulty of trying to help consumers over the phone without any face-to-face contact.  This can be a challenge, and whilst it may be easy to answer queries, it can be harder to create a really positive experience.  However, there are some tips that can help telephone answering services become more proactive.

A proactive approach to customer contact can increase consumer satisfaction by a huge amount.  Instead of waiting for calls to come in, call centres should take steps to reduce call volume.  Using idle time to increase outbound contacts is a positive step to take, enabling call centre staff to engage with current customers about new services without having to wait for calls to come in.  Meanwhile, call avoidance is also becoming more popular, with customer service staff taking time to limit call volume by automatically feeding information to consumers before they need help.

It is important to establish ways that a customer’s life can be made easier.  Many clients may browse websites before calling, and this is where a web chat service can be of great help.  Using instant messaging, problems can be solved as soon as individuals log onto a website.  Meanwhile, using texts and emails to communicate delivery dates and times can avoid many unnecessary call centre calls, reducing work volume and increasing customer satisfaction.

There are many ways in which customer satisfaction can be increased, and this is normally done by attending to someone’s needs before they even realise they have a problem.  Whilst a call centre should always be on hand to help, reducing call volume can be important.

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