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Top tips for call centre success

TipsKeeping customers happy is a key priority for call centres, so it is important that every business procedure is created with this goal in mind. Telephone answering services need to constantly evolve if they want to keep up with the latest consumer trends. For those looking to boost their success, there are several important tips to consider.

Over the past few years, social media has become a huge presence in the call centre environment. However, it is vital to go about this new platform for engagement in the right way. With this in mind, call centres will often do best if they integrate all channels apart from social media. Specialist skills are often required for platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, so it’s best to have a dedicated team for this purpose.

In addition, whilst educating agents on as many functions of a business as possible can be a good idea, it is still best to divide employees by specialist knowledge. This entails categorising workers by topic rather than channel.

Finally, it is crucial to discourage workers from passing customers around several agents if it’s not necessary. The majority of callers want to talk to a single point of contact instead of explaining their query or problem time and time again. There are some instances where people might need transferring, but remaining with the original agent when possible is important.

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