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Top tips for call centre self-service

Call centres remain in high demand, and though many consumers are keen to use newer channels such as social media and website chat, actually talking to a customer services staff member is still important for many people.  However, there are ways to encourage people to help themselves, and telephone answering services can offer a number of self-service options.

Any call centres considering implementing self-service have to take the time to look at their call drivers.  There is no point in installing self-service options for queries that only take up a small proportion of total calls as this will not cut down overall traffic.  Instead, solutions should be found to deal with major traffic drivers.  For example, if consumers are mainly calling about balance information, then a self-service option will cater to customers who want to retrieve information without having to talk to agents.

Applications are becoming a hot area of development, and many businesses are increasing their investment in this area.  However, it is vital to get it right when it comes to apps, otherwise it could lead to a rise in call centre traffic and a negative image being formed by some consumers.  Language should be catered to a low reading age, whilst applications must be tested thoroughly so that they work.

It is particularly important to pay close attention to consumer demographic when developing self-service options.  Many elderly people may not have smartphones and apps, so there is no point investing in such an option if the majority of a consumer base is in their twilight years.  Likewise, for younger consumers, maximum self-service channels are important, enabling people to help themselves without having to call telephone answering services.

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