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Top tips for avoiding financial breaches

Data BreachWith financial breaches being a major concern for call centres, it is vital to take steps to reduce the risks. Data theft often makes headline news, affecting consumer confidence and brand appeal. This is why telephone answering services need to take financial security extremely seriously and protect credit card and debit card data at all costs.

First, it is important to ensure that long card numbers are never stored. This also goes for the three-digit security number (CV2). Not only is storing CV2 numbers against regulations, but should a breach occur, hefty fines can be incurred and merchant accounts can be cancelled. Retaining some information can be useful, however. In such cases, call centres can tokenise the long card number. This means that agents only see the last four digits whilst facilitating quicker future sales.

Another potential problem that could result in breaches is the usage of “pause and resume” call recording systems. Firms should avoid these if at all possible. Simply stopping a recording doesn’t stop agents hearing card numbers. If possible, firms should utilise technology that provides consumers with a way to tap in their card numbers and, therefore, shield the personal information from prying ears.

Finally, call centres need to take responsibility for the safety of sensitive data. By assuming responsibility for such matters, better safeguards can be put in place to protect card data from outsourcers, virtual workers and on-premises agents.

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