GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Top benefits of using speech analytics

Many call centres are looking for new ways to improve their customer service.  Speech analytics can be one way to do so, with telephone answering services noticing the benefits almost immediately.

One of the huge advantages of using speech analytics is that the reasons behind inefficient calls can quickly be discovered.  Customers don’t like to be put on hold whilst their issue is being sorted out, and speech analytics can be used to target excessive silence on calls.  This allows problem areas to be highlighted so that the number of times people have to be put on hold can be reduced.

Another benefit of call analytics can be that it is a way to find out why callers are unhappy.  Analytics software can be used to pinpoint calls where customers’ language shows dissatisfaction.  Segmenting such calls and analysing words can provide information as to why people were upset.

Finally, analytics can also provide great insight into the purchasing trends of customers.  As data is being taken from all calls, rather than a random selection, real information can be gathered as to why people are paying for the goods they are purchasing.  Is it price?  Services charges?  A promotional period?  These can all be discovered so that better targeting and marketing can be achieved.

Using speech analytics may seem complicated for many call centres, but it has a huge number of advantages which, in the highly competitive modern world, should not be missed out on.

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