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Top 5 call centre trends for 2013

We’re nearly halfway through the year and call centres all over the world are turning their attention to exploring the trends that have been developing consistently throughout the year. Companies offering business call center services including 24 hour office support, call answering services and/or virtual receptionists/PA services will all be interested to know about new technologies and trends hitting our centres.

At GoResponse we like to get ahead of the game and using our wealth of experience we already made a few predictions as to where 2013 will take call centres… and what do you know? We were right! Here are our top 5 trendsetters so far this year:

5 – Cloud efficiency – A key component in call centres operating more efficiently in the future is cloud computing. With the market expected to reach an unprecedented high of $150 billion they’re doing something right! As well as increased efficiency the cloud offers organisations the ability to strike a good balance between the more traditional in-house softwares and the flexibility of the latest cloud-enables technologies.

4 – Voice tracking – Back in the day, the idea of being able to quickly determine exactly why customers are calling, examine why you’re getting sudden spikes in call volumes, not to mention gage the emotional level of the caller prior to engaging with them where something of fantasy. But with advancements in affordable speech analytics technology fiction is becoming fact. They can help call centres answer all of the above questions whilst providing a positive impact on the caller experience.

3 – Self service payment – 2013 has seen an increased focus on more dedicated solutions including using SMS as a payment channel. These will give customers a fast-track route for paying bills and organisations a more efficient route for collecting debt, freeing up agents and enabling them to get on with their day job.

2 – Social networking – It’s may not be “new” per say, people have been ‘poking’ each other on Facebook since it’s launch in 2004. But it is new, or at least in rapid growth is the amount of companies now incorporating social networking into their marketing and communication strategies. Agents will therefore be increasingly expected to interact with consumers and their clients customers through various social networking platforms.

1 – Better ‘Knowledge Management’ – Last but not the least, a better and a more organised approach in aligning their knowledge management solutions is another important option which many call center companies would opt for without much hesitation. Investments in such knowledge management solutions are likely to shoot up in the coming months. Moreover, enough focus will be showered upon increasing the agility and sociability of knowledge deployments which will result in further growth of the content and also with minimal management overhead.

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