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Too much desktop clutter slowing down call centres

A new survey has revealed that the efficiency of call centres is being slowed down because agents have too much clutter on their desktop.  A plethora of onscreen applications often result in workers efforts being hampered, causing greater workload and having a knock-on effect for callers.

In the newest report that looked at desktop applications and social media in the telephone answering services sector, it was found that three or more programs were used by 60% of call centres.  This is often far more software than is needed, and complicates the work process.

Ken Reid, an industry expert, said: “It doesn’t take a mathematician to recognise that the longer it takes to process a call, the higher the operational costs will be, whilst productivity will be lower.  Desktop technology addresses this problem by rationalising disparate and messy desktop environments, making them quick and easy to use.  It overlays existing business investments, making them streamlined, so staff can do a good job.”

The survey also compounded research showing that whilst customers were demanding social media contact, few call centres actually use it.  Ninety percent of telephone answering services only contact customers via email and calls, with just 17% using any form of social platforms.  The most commonly used additional channel is web chat, whilst 12% of companies utilise Twitter interactions to support customers, answer questions and provide information about services and products.

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