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T-Mobile call centre staff sing the praises of new scheme

A T-Mobile call centre in Merthyr Tydfil is singing the praises of a new incentive, which has cut sickness rates by over 50%. The call centre is using a corporate training business called Sing and Inspire, which uses singing and vocal health to promote employee wellbeing.

Sing and Inspire won a twelve month contract with the call centre in Merthyr Tydfil, which due to the innovative scheme now has a 100-strong choir. The training company provided vocal training and health lessons to over 200 staff members, which has encouraged staff motivation and improved attitude across all staffing levels.

The company now has its best sickness level for over 11 years and the centre has reported an over 40% increase in customer satisfaction since the singing lessons started.

The Premier Service Operations Manager at T-Mobile stated:

“We have by far exceeded the objectives we set out early in the partnership and we are delighted with the results. The reduction in sickness rates has saved the business around £80,000 per year for those trained and could convert to £500,000 per year if training was completed across the entire site.

“Furthermore, a 1 per cent increase in customer satisfaction levels delivers an increase in revenue of around £300,000 – so the figures of a 41 percent increase in customer satisfaction are a real coup for the Merthyr contact centre.”

“Here at T-Mobile we already have a highly motivated workforce, so to take that a step further is a fantastic achievement. We have had some great feedback from those involved in the training, with 100 per cent rating it as very good or excellent. Some employees even come in on their days off to attend training.”

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