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Tips to improve agent overtime

800px-Clock-longtimeAt some point, call centres might need to encourage overtime so they can ensure that staffing gaps are covered and peak call times can be manned. However, not every agent is keen to work additional hours. Luckily, there are some tricks that telephone answering services can utilise to incentivise overtime.

Incentivising overtime is an extremely good idea because companies effectively reward those who work extra hours without causing friction with those who have chosen not to put in overtime. One idea is to develop an in-house currency whose value equates to an hour’s overtime. Agents can build the sum they’ve earned and then redeem it for time off or other preferential treatment. Alternatively, actual high street vouchers can be awarded to anyone who reaches a set overtime target. For example, if someone works a certain number of weekend days per month, they could gain a £20 gift card. This sets a visible metric for all staff to take part in.

Some people might not want to work overtime because they prefer to spend time with family, but others are more concerned about missing big sporting events. This can be addressed by putting up TV screens to allow agents to follow the action. Although some managers might be worried about agent distraction, it should mean that more people are willing to work because they won’t miss Wimbledon or the World Cup.

Ensuring there are enough agents at work is extremely important, and by using incentives to get people to sign up for overtime, service quality can remain high.

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