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Tips on getting customer surveys correct

With modern business heavily concentrated on customer service, it is vital for call centres to develop surveys and questionnaires. It is also essential to get these correct; otherwise telephone answering services might end up with incorrect data.

First, one of the most important stages of any survey is getting the sample size right. On average, just 1,500 customers need to be surveyed to gain the right insight representation. However, actionable data must be gathered from individuals if trends are to be found. A minimum of 20 surveys per agent should be gathered every month.

Whilst it is important to send out surveys in the above numbers, it is also vital not to survey customers too often. Constantly asking questions can become intrusive and could affect consumers’ responses. At least 30 days should be left between contacting the same person. Text message surveys are a great, unobtrusive way of contacting individuals because they are easy to ignore.

Finally, making data collection extremely specific is an essential requirement when doing surveys. Questionnaires should be short; a good goal is to make them around two minutes long with only six questions. Therefore, questions must be concise. Call centres should strive to discover what aids customer satisfaction, which agents have a positive impact, and other possible areas of concern.

Collecting data is an important part of improving customer service. However, information must be gathered correctly if it is to be accurate.

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