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Tips for successful resource planning

Boss, surrounded by staff - graphicEfficiency is one of the keys to success. Call centres can save a lot of time and money if they can manage their resources properly, ultimately putting firms on the right track towards profit. For those in resource planning, there are some important points to consider.

First, analytical tools can only give insights on the data they have. Therefore, it is important to update agent changes regularly, including unplanned employee vacancies such as those that occur when someone falls ill. By entering the information as early as possible, resource planning tools can track effects throughout the day, helping to limit the fallout on later occasions.

Meanwhile, telephone answering services must make their employees aware of the repercussions that their absence can have on business. Any planned time away from the phone, such as calling team members to a meeting, must be done well in advance. Calling an impromptu meeting might seem like a good idea, but it can play havoc with resource planning.

To optimise resource planning efficiency, it is also important to monitor variations between average handling time (AHT) and indirectly occupied time (IOT). Figures should be reviewed on a weekly basis so that data is as accurate as possible. Maintaining this close eye on time-based metrics means that agents can be more efficiently managed.

Finally, it’s important to run weekly tasks as early as possible. This allows managers to define troubled staffing areas and make adjustments that will help avoid potential disaster later in the week.

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