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Tips for raising call centre morale

Many businesses choose to outsource their telephone answering services to a call centre because they cannot handle the additional work.  Calling customers and dealing with enquiries can take up a large amount of time and effort, and by using call centres, executives can ensure that they are providing top quality customer care.  But what happens when morale amongst agents drops?  There are various ways to improve it, allowing happy employees to pass on positive feelings to customers.

Positivity amongst agents is vital if they are to pass on good vibes to the customers they are talking with.  There are a number of ways to boost morale in call centres, and one of the top tips is to provide workers with an actual purpose to their job.  Rather than have people working through a task list, it is important to try and make their job seem meaningful so that they actually want to come to work.

It may sound silly, but even changing a job title can boost morale.  For example, a taxi driver would probably far prefer to be called a chauffeur than a driver.  People tend to have more pride if their job title shows that they have responsibilities, and renaming departments to the “customer welcoming” division or the “application processing” department can have a positive effect.

Agents also excel when they are allowed to make their own decisions, so giving call centre staff some leeway and enabling them to solve customer problems will instil a sense of pride in workers.  This is a particularly good morale booster and can change people’s entire approach to their job.

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