GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Tips for improving call centre metrics

Metrics are an essential part of the call centre process, allowing companies to establish what they are doing right and which areas need to be improved. Sometimes it is the actual measurements that need improving or adjusting, and there are a variety of ways for telephone answering services to do this.

To get the most out of call centre metrics, it is often important to switch the focus from the actual results to the data behind the results. For example, what is causing first call resolution (FCR) rates to be low? By concentrating on why metrics are revealing poor figures, positive changes can be made.

Another essential tip is to educate agents on why metrics are important and what these measurements can do to help the company, agent and customer. In every aspect of the call centre, the importance of metrics should be reinforced on a consistent basis, allowing agents to realise the vital nature of their work. For example, if FCR is a highly used metric, it should be discussed in all material relating to objectives and coaching.

Finally, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone. In fact, in the call centre environment, it can actually create a positive and engaging atmosphere to drive agents. Pitching teams against one another can improve performance, and by regularly reviewing systems with the team, processes can be improved for everyone’s benefit.

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