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Tips for improving call centre adherence and attendance

Companies are only as good as the employees they have, and this is never truer than in a call centre environment.  After all, a telephone answering service is the frontline in customer service, without which consumers would not be able to gain any help at all.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure good adherence and attendance.  This can be improved in a number of ways.

Handling large teams on the floor can be hard, and it is made more difficult when you need agents to stay at their desks.  Using a buddy-up system works well to keep enough lines manned.  This allows one team member to go on their break or take a trip to the toilet without leaving call centres empty.  In addition, promoting an “absence makes your friends work harder” ethos can often have a good effect on attendance as employees realise that taking a sick day results in their co-workers becoming more stressed and overworked.

Training and communication can also be important, so it is vital to show agents how their non-adherence affects a workplace.  If extra workloads have to be designated to agents, managers should be sure to explain why it is occurring, particularly if it is due to attendance issues.  This will make those affected think twice before they themselves consider non-adherence.  Finally, it is also important to ensure all supervisors understand adherence and attendance issues too, helping to make a more efficient call centre throughout.

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