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Tips for gaining authentic agents

CALL CENTREIt is important for telephone answering services to have authentic sounding staff. Agents are a company’s customer services frontline, and these individuals are often responsible for making or breaking branding. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you want to engage with consumers more effectively.

First, although not every customer will want to make small talk, there are times when agents should be free to engage in personal conversation. For example, callers might mention it’s their birthday or say they are taking the dog for a walk later. These instances provide the perfect opportunity for call centre agents to make a connection and respond. This also helps agents not to rush into solving people’s problems. Customers don’t want their time wasted. However, not taking a moment to engage and rushing a conversation can come across as rude. In addition, not listening to people might mean that other potential issues are missed.

Another tip is that agents should vary their phrases. Even though strict scripting is mostly a thing of the past, agents might have fallen into a routine of using the same words and phrases on a continuous basis. This can give the impression of scripting and comes across to callers as false. By remaining engaged and using a variety of words, both agent and caller remain engaged.

Building authenticity into agents is an important process that call centres should undertake. By ensuring staff can engage positively, customer services quality can be boosted.

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