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Tips for ensuring agent engagement

It can be hard for call centres to keep their agents engaged and focused. Telephone answering services work can be dull at times, and it is not surprising that individuals can become a little jaded after manning several hours of calls. For managers who want to increase the vigour of their team, here are some great tips to consider.

One of the most important things to do as a leader is to recognise that not all the answers will be known. It is vital, therefore, to listen to agents and understand their concerns or frustrations when it comes to disengagement before developing some solutions. The positive feedback that comes out of this process can also be shared with the rest of the team, helping other agents realise that if they approach team managers, their worries will be taken seriously.

Managing a team is often about giving people the freedom to conduct their work whilst feeling supported. Creating a Voice of Agents (VOA) box can be a great step, allowing employees to anonymously express concerns. Meanwhile, being open and honest with call centre agents from the start of their employment ensures that disillusionment is never allowed to fester. This is particularly true when it comes to recruiting, with some companies trying to overly glamorise call centre work.

Finally, to get the best from staff, agents should be allowed to take part in strategy creation when possible. This will help people become more involved with a business and feel like part of a team while ensuring there is a reason to feel proud of their jobs.

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