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Tips for bringing fun to a call centre

Call centres can be highly pressurised and stressful environments, and like all workplaces, it is important for staff to be relaxed if they are to work to their peak performance.  There are many ways in which fun can be brought in to the telephone answering services environment, allowing employees to work as a team and excel in positive customer services.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on recreational days out, and many fun games can be brought to the call centre environment without a lot of investment.  These can help create positive energy around the office that will feed down telephone lines to customers, helping services provide optimum customer care.

A simple game is a blu-tack sculpture contest.  Blu-tack is inexpensive and holds the nostalgic memory of Play-Doh for many people.  Holding a contest allows people to participate without leaving their desk and creates a happier atmosphere.  Seasonal decorations can also be a huge bolster to staff morale, and it is worth embracing them at the right time of year.  Meanwhile, having dedicated days, such as Good Turn Tuesday or Tacky Tie Friday, helps bring further fun to the working day.

It may seem a little silly to bring fun to the workplace, but it can have a hugely positive effect for both employees and callers.  With 2013 being a year when customer care is priority number one, improving agent happiness is key to reflecting positive care.

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