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Tips for boosting outbound calling

All call centres, even if their main focus is customer services, conduct a certain amount of outbound dialling. This can be because of up-selling or returning people’s enquiries. To ensure that a telephone answering service gets the best from their dialler, some important steps should be taken.

First, it’s an extremely good idea to present local numbers when calling customers. Having an unrecognisable or non-geographical number appear on their phone often causes people to avoid picking up. In addition, companies must ensure their call data is accurate. Huge amounts of money can be spent on the perfect outbound dialler, but if data packages are low quality, very few leads are likely to result.

Many companies also start calls with a pre-recorded message before customers are passed through to a sales team. Avoid this at all costs. Although it can save time, very few people will actually remain on the line after hearing this message. In addition, use progressive dialling instead of predictive dialling. This means agents are actually ready to make a call, reducing silent calls and helping to avoid negative publicity and fines.

Like inbound calls, outbound dialling should be all about the customer, particularly if it’s a cold call. Consumers should be given a positive experience so that even if they don’t want a new service or product, they don’t leave feeling irritated and annoyed.

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