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Tips for boosting call centre quality scores

Portrait of salesman with headset onImproving quality scores is an important strategy for call centres, enabling businesses to ensure they provide consistently good service. Telephone answering services that are looking for ways to boost their care can follow a few easy steps.

First, it is essential to consider the performance of frontline agents. Quality scores can be greatly affected depending on which agent a customer has interacted with. By using Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback, managers should be able to identify which agents are struggling. More time should then be spent with these individuals to improve overall efficiency and boost NetPromoter Scores (NPS).

When it comes to team coaching, it is a good idea for call centres to focus on negative consumer feedback. Using traditional techniques of randomly selecting five calls for assessment isn’t always the best approach. By focussing on problems, management teams can save a lot of time and train their agents more effectively.

Finally, it’s also important to factor regular coaching sessions into the schedule. If they’re not planned in advance, training sessions can be easily forgotten or glossed over. This can be a huge mistake that results in staff not getting the care they need, which is something that will negatively impact upon quality scores in the long term.

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