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Tips for allowing agent-led performance management

performance level conceptual meterIt is no secret that allowing agents to monitor their own performance can often yield great results. However, it can be difficult for call centres to take a step back and let their staff get on with it. By utilising some of the following steps, companies can ensure that agent-led performance management really does provide rewards.

One of the most crucial things telephone answering services need to do when allowing agents to take the reigns is provide backup support and training. Agents need to receive feedback, and call centres should actively encourage feedback on how training and support options can be improved.

It is also essential that workers are given a safe and comfortable environment in which to work. Chaotic atmospheres do not facilitate learning, and agents certainly won’t feel motivated to improve themselves.

DMG Consulting’s president, Donna Fluss, explained: “One of the most respected (and successful) contact centre managers motivated her staff simply by learning each agent’s name (even though there were hundreds), walking around the floor to ‘greet’ each shift, acknowledging agents who she passed in the hallway or elevator, and establishing a contact centre ‘break room’ with phones and vending machines to help agents maximise their 20-minute break time.”

It is also wise to focus on the technology agents use, including their desktop software. By providing people with the tools they need in a simple and easy-to-use interface, call centre staff can be encouraged to boost their performance with very little input.

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