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Tips for achieving the best first contact resolution

For call centres, achieving a high level of first contact resolution (FCR) is important as it not only reduces the amount of traffic on telephone answering services call lines, but also ensures consumers are getting the best customer care.  Therefore, going into 2014, it is vital that centres tackle FCR for better business performance and consumer services.

The top performers in FCR have a number of common traits that other call centres should aspire too.  Firstly, ongoing monitoring and systemic checks are carried out on just why customers are calling.  This can then be used to understand the root cause of people’s problems so that issues can be fixed before the telephone is even picked up.  In addition, advisors are provided with a good knowledge of the management system, allowing them to gain more training and insight into their work.  Advisors are also given more freedom to fix customers’ problems than in other companies.

These three aspects clearly help call centres get ahead in regards to FCR.  With advisors better trained and able to use a wider variety of skills to solve problems, callers can talk to a single advisor instead of being routed through many departments.  In addition, with centres constantly investigating why people are calling, quick and simple processes to deal with common issues can be prepared in advance.  This gives contact centres the best chance of reducing FCR whilst increasing customer care.

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