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Timing and personalisation vital for successful SMS outreach

Hand holding smartphone against five text messages receivedMany modern call centres utilise SMS as a way to reach their customers. Texts can often act as a proactive yet non-intrusive means of staying in contact with consumers. However, in order to be as successful as possible, it is important to ensure that contact is made at the right time and with the right tone.

In some new strategy tips by VoiceSage’s Stephanie Keyes, the expert revealed that it is extremely important to be personal when it comes to text messages. Business texts are limited to 160 characters, so it can be tempting to send multiple contacts. However, this can become confusing. The best practice is to remain concise, precise and personal. To do this, it is best to use consumers’ names and keep information relevant to the topics a target audience will be interested in.

Meanwhile, it is also vital to contact people at the right time so that messages resonate properly and are not simply passed over. In order to determine the best periods of contact, research is vital. This provides telephone answering services with key data so they can send out SMS messages at the right time. For example, if pizza companies know the peak times for ordering, text contacts can be tailored around this to encourage sales.

Despite SMS often being overlooked in favour of the newly emerging social media channels, it remains an important form of contact. It can also receive more responses than cold calls, which are not usually well-received by customers. However, personalisation and timing are vital.

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