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Three ways to reduce call centre traffic

Side view of customer service assistantsBy their very nature, call centres operate to receive enquiries from customers and deal with inbound traffic. However, a lot of the consumer contacts are simple situations that might have been dealt with in a cheaper way than by having telephone answering services agents use their valuable time to resolve problems. By keeping traffic down, call centres can provide a much better service to their customers and take more time to deal with complex issues rather than common and simple problems.

One of the first ways that companies can reduce traffic is by posting a comprehensive FAQ page on their website. Many consumers will go to a website as a first resource to find a call centre’s contact details. By providing a highly visible FAQ page, many simple questions can be resolved quickly and without people having to speak directly to agents. This saves time for both the consumer and the company.

Product reviews are also important. Providing self-service options is one of the best ways to reduce contacts. Developing community pages or a review system can be a powerful way of offering valuable information to potential customers.

Finally, call centres should actively call consumers in order to help keep inbound traffic low. Many people might try to connect by social media, webchat or email. Instead of letting consumers wait, agents can actually call individuals on their own, thereby helping to resolve issues more quickly whilst improving positive relationships and branding.

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