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Three useful lessons from DPD’s call centre

Learning from experience is very important, and if companies can learn from their competitors’ experience, it provides call centres with a way to sidestep potential problems and move directly onto the methods that are likely to offer the most advantages. For those who want to move their telephone answering services business in the right direction, there are three key lessons that can be learned from parcel and logistics firm DPD.

Banish scripts in favour of key values

Instead of having agents follow scripts, DPD instilled six key values that workers talk about. This gives agents more flexibility to create real rapport with consumers whilst maintaining the company’s core ethics. These include passion, hard work, honesty, flexibility, respect and accountability.

To promote agent buy-in, the firm runs an incentive scheme. When workers demonstrate achievements in all value areas, they are given a £50 voucher and a certificate, and they are invited to a celebratory lunch.

Use video messaging to update advisors 

Updating call centre agents can be a struggle. Workers are often so busy that they do not have time to read bulletins. In response to this problem, DPD now creates video updates that are sent directly to agent desktops. This works particularly well for the younger generation, who would rather watch a video than read a tutorial.

Boost collaboration with an online community

To increase collaboration, Chatter was used to create an online community. This can be used for shift swaps, sharing knowledge and acknowledging each other’s’ achievements. The result is that agents are more motivated to perform well thanks to the increased sense of being part of a team and the positive culture.

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