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Three tips to boost consumer satisfaction

3d shiny red number 3As the new year gets into full swing, many companies across the country are resolving to boost their customer services quality and ensure clients have better satisfaction levels. In the call centre, there are various ways of doing this, from listening to customers to setting the right expectations.

One of the most important things for telephone answering services to do is to allow their dissatisfied customers to guide the development of fixes. It is vital to listen and take in as much detail as possible when consumers complain because this allows services to be improved.

The second step is to ensure that the customer becomes the heart of the decision-making process so that call centres do not make the mistake of fixing processes at their end without considering how such changes could affect callers. Therefore, it is essential to focus on problem solving.

Finally, it is extremely important for companies to set the right expectations in the first place. It is far better to under-promise and over-deliver than it is to fail to meet people’s expectations. Terms and conditions should be developed not only to create a legally watertight business but also to ensure that customers know what to expect in every aspect of a transaction, from the products they buy to the level of service they are given.

2017 will see the continued trend of focussing on the customer. By managing expectations, putting people at the heart of decision making, and listening to all feedback, satisfaction levels can be increased.

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