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Three golden rules for webchat use

An increasing number of call centres are using webchat to communicate with customers. However, this channel is still relatively new, and when it is used incorrectly, it can have a negative impact on customer service levels. Therefore, three golden rules should be followed.

Stick to two concurrent chats

Agents can multitask with webchats, conducting more than one conversation at a time. However, it is advised that people only take on two chats at a time. As agents attempt to handle multiple conversations, consumer satisfaction drops. This can also increase the average time of each chat, thereby frustrating consumers even further.

Do not negatively impact service levels by offshoring 

Outsourcing telephone answering services offshore can have cost-saving benefits, but it can also negatively affect service quality, especially when it comes to webchat. Interpreting accents can be difficult for some consumers when on a voice call. When it comes to webchat, unless overseas agents can respond with perfect English, it can also be frustrating for consumers.

Do not allow agents to undervalue webchat

In a lot of call centres, agents may undervalue webchat, prioritising voice calls instead. However, when it is used correctly, webchat can be an extremely efficient way to reach out and offer support to consumers.

Expert Tori Burns said: “I spent considerable time managing the expectations and culture change the webchat deployment had on my team. My thoughts: be careful about running a small team on chat. If I had my time again I would open it up across the whole team with accountability for quality chat KPI from the get-go.”

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