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Three best practice rules call centres should live by

3D Tips Block Text  on whiteCall centres are a constantly evolving environment, and the rules of the past tend to become a little inefficient and outdated rather quickly. For telephone answering services in the modern world, there are some important best practice rules to live by. Following these three steps can improve a business’s chance of success.

First, it is essential for senior managers to be on the floor permanently. Managers should not hide away in their offices; everyone should be out on the calling floor. This doesn’t mean individuals should be overbearing and micro-managing agents, but it does allow managers to pick up on little things. Broken microwaves, changing bus schedules, or people not being suited to their start time can all be problems overlooked by senior managers, but they’re more likely to be picked up when roaming the floor.

Another important step is to remove call centre wallboards. All too often, wallboards have been used to throw targets in agents’ faces. However, people shouldn’t be worrying about call queues. Instead, they need to focus on the call they’re actually dealing with. By removing wallboards, call centres get their staff to focus on the customer.

Finally, it is extremely inefficient to have team leaders jumping on the phone lines at the slightest queue. At best, leaders will be able to remove a couple of calls. At the same time, however, monitoring and agent assistance is compromised, resulting in a drop in the quality of calls.

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