GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

There’s Snow Stopping Us!

Well, for once, the forecasters have it correct and the promised snowfall has hit Kent this morning in a major way.

Whilst the Sittingbourne countryside looks extremely picturesque when the winter weather arrives it makes getting around very difficult and I am writing to outline the steps we have taken to ensure there are Operators available to take your calls whilst the worst of the weather is with us.

Firstly I am pleased to confirm that a full contingent of staff have made it in this morning despite major issues with public transport. As of 9.00 this morning there were no train services into Sittingbourne and local buses were very scarce.

From 6.00 this morning the small number of staff we have that own 4×4 vehicles were on the roads picking up staff who would have struggled to get in and I am delighted to confirm that other than two members of staff that are off with a flu virus we have got everyone else in. These same members of staff will of course also ensure that everyone gets home safely this evening. The cupboards have also been stocked with soup so we can ensure everyone arriving can get something hot inside them so they are ready for the day ahead.

Individual sacrifices from members of the team have been evident and we were extremely grateful that one of our supervisors who was due off shift at midnight last night stayed until just after 2.00 when the replacement supervisor was able to get in.

We have already been advised that a number of our clients have been unable to reach their offices this morning and our call numbers are significantly up on a standard Monday morning. As we take more calls there is obviously the possibility that call waiting times may increase slightly but please rest assured we will do everything possible to maintain the service standards our clients expect.

If we can help you in any way during the worst of the weather please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Kind Regards
Ian Sears

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