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The three essential elements of excellent customer service

Customer ServiceWhilst 80 per cent of companies believe that they deliver an excellent service to their customers, only 8 per cent of those customers actually agree with them. This leads one to wonder what is involved in providing excellent customer service.

The domination of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook means that when a customer has a bad experience with the company, that experience is often broadcast to the world. Many companies would not recognise a complaint on social media as an opportunity, but a negative customer post means that they can make an approach that is more personal and that attempts to resolve their complaint.

Any business that demands excellent customer service, such as a call centre or telephone answering service, should always try to exceed the expectations of its customers. Figures show that more than 55 per cent of customers do not expect an immediate response, so companies should see this as an opportunity to exceed their customers’ expectations by returning a call within an hour, even if the call is only to confirm that their enquiry is being dealt with.

Companies should not give their customers any reason to stop doing business with them. This means training all their representatives to be polite and helpful at all times; not passing a customer around to different departments to try to resolve a problem; ensuring that the customer is kept informed of the status of the complaint or enquiry; and not letting the problem drag out too long.

All companies should adhere to these three essential elements to ensure they provide excellent service to their customers.

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