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The Move to More Localised Outsourcing

When outsourcing first began, businesses had little choice of where to outsource. India, China, and other Mid-Asian companies provided the best outsourcing costs.

Today outsourcing is making great strides as an industry. Part of the reason outsourcing has increased to a desirable product for many companies is technology. Cloud computing, IT and call centre technology has all improved in the last decade. The improvements on services have lowered the cost for companies in need of outsourcing in more than the Mid-Asian countries.

Two companies in the U.S. and Norway have recently come to an agreement regarding outsourcing services. This change has allowed the companies to outsource work between the two countries rather than going for traditional Indian-based companies.

As a business owner, the decision is yours to make based on cost, the services available and your needs. Telephone answering services are a part of outsourcing. Many of us still consider customer service centres to be the main outsourcing requirement; however, factories are also outsourced to companies where cheaper labour can be provided.

According to new information regarding the newest agreement between the U.S. and Norway, a localised approach is being taken. The European market wishes to provide better lingual and cultural solutions to customer service. The change to localised outsourcing would mean hiring local employees through trained outsourced centres to eliminate language barriers or cultural confrontations that tend to have negative effects on customer service. In terms of price, companies that outsource still save, but also keep consumers happier.

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