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The Many Letters of Customer Service

For each letter of the alphabet there is a type of customer service that corresponds, which companies should be offering.

No matter what business you are in, customer service is imperative to the success of your company and, therefore, you have to decide if using the services of call centres will be right for you. For every letter in the alphabet you can find a customer service topic that you should be fulfilling in your company. Ask yourself if you are already doing this or if a telephone answering service is needed.

For instance, the letter A stands for “after service” in customer service. It means, did you provide your customer with the care they were looking for or did you fall short? You need to carry out a survey that helps you figure out if your customers are satisfied. If you provide good service during a call they are more likely to provide good feedback in a survey.

B stands for “business” in which you have to ensure that your internal policies will meet the customer service needs your clients have. Do you have current policies that are detrimental to gaining further clientele? An example of a detrimental policy that can affect customer satisfaction would be if your company currently offers limited customer service, such as no personnel answering phones after 6pm. The chances are your business will suffer greatly and thus a call centre can help.

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