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The importance of the right call centre

Those who are looking to enlist the services of a call centre to provide their customer service function to customers and clients need to be aware of how important it is to find the right customer service partner.  A recent survey has shown that in the IT sector, those who are receiving poor customer support are losing, on average, 223 man hours every year.  The survey looked at other industries but found that the IT sector suffers more than most.

Poor customer service can lead to a waste of resources and a negative effect on productivity.  The standard of customer service given on IT issues has now become a key feature in the customer service needs of many businesses.  IT suppliers and businesses that offer support to clients need to ensure that the call centre that they use for their business has the right standard of professionalism.  This includes a commitment to reducing call waiting times and fully trained staff.

A telephone answering service may need to be able to answer basic questions and ensure that more complicated issues are passed on to the relevant person or department.  Customers do not hesitate to find other suppliers if the standard of customer service is not what they are looking for.  The survey showed that almost 70% of businesses have changed supplier for IT needs in the last year due to the low standard of service and interaction with customers, which is listed as something that most businesses are looking for.

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