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The importance of staff shrinkage

Office desktop in background roomGetting a call centre schedule correct can be extremely challenging, and managers should never consider their scheduling efforts complete. Instead, handling shift patterns and employee numbers needs to be a constantly evolving process that takes into account the fluctuations of a business. One area that must not be forgotten is shrinkage; otherwise, telephone answering services could discover they are not maximising their operations.

Staff shrinkage is a term that labels the amount of paid time lost due to employee breaks, training and meetings. It also applies to time that employees are not in the office, such as annual leave and sickness. It is essential to factor shrinkage into schedules if call centres are to be properly staffed. By tracking this aspect of staffing, managers might suddenly discover there are not enough agents on the floor due to a training event or numerous absentees.

Luckily, many workforce management systems have integrated calculators to help with shrinkage calculations. Data can be used from various sources, including attendance reports, to deliver an accurate forecast of shrinkage. However, it is important to remember that this number will always vary over time. For example, it is likely to be higher during the summer holidays as more staff members take annual leave.

Managers should remember that shrinkage is not beyond their control. By keeping an eye on shrinkage rates, call centres can plan accordingly and ensure that nasty surprises in the form of low staff levels do not start to affect a company’s business.

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