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The importance of measuring FCR

If there is one thing a call centre wants to achieve, it is to cut costs.  Optimising workflow processes allows firms to not only reduce their expenses, but increase customer satisfaction at the same time.  This is why first contact resolution (FCR) is so important; ensuring that clients are helped immediately with as little delay as possible.

It is surprising that so many telephone answering services do not place a priority on gaining a high FCR rate.  Attaining high levels can be difficult, so it is no easy task, but executives must strive to complete as many caller problems within one conversation as they can.  One of the important steps to take is to begin analysing why consumers are calling in the first place.  Understanding this can reduce the number of calls.  Meanwhile, for those call centres not measuring FCR at all, they should realise that it is not just about call quality, but about reducing costs too.

Call centres can learn a lot from IT helpdesks.  Here, when a caller phones, the incident is recorded in a log so that the reasoning behind a call is understood.  In addition, IT agents start to process the call and solve the problem, helping to resolve the issue quickly.  Finally, the problem and answer are fed into the system and directed back towards product development to ensure that other customers do not have the same issue.

Prioritising FCR in the call centre environment is extremely important if executives want a smooth running and optimised company.  Therefore, by strategic planning, great performance gains and expense cuts can be made.

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