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The human touch must be included in self-service elements

Man touching virtual screenThe world has become increasingly automated, and many call centres now offer self-service features to their customers. However, it is vital to ensure that people still receive care that is given a human touch, or they could risk losing business.

A new report shows that despite offering a lot of digital services for clients, many telephone answering services are failing to maintain long-term customer loyalty. In the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report from Dimension Data, warnings were given about the omnichannel experience.

Overall, this strategy has grown significantly, rising from 22.4 per cent usage to a predicted 74.6 per cent by the end of 2017. Further data suggests that many offerings will be on up to nine channels, with companies aiming to personalise all interactions. However, 79.4 per cent of those asked said they had yet to understand how such customisation would be achieved.

The Principal Director of Customer Experience and Collaboration for Dimension Data, Rob Allman, said: “While telephone interactions in the contact centre are managed, tracked, and quality controlled, the same performance rigour isn’t always applied to digital channels. This can lead to an inconsistent and degraded customer experience across a brand or services company.” Of those asked, only half said that digital channels are tracked, compared to 89 per cent of phone interactions.

Going forward, this means that call centres must ensure they have a clear plan for bringing personalisation to digital channels so that consumers feel satisfied and connected with brands. This will help build consumer loyalty and retain business.

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